Tubur and Anyara are the second pair of MFP sites installed.

In November 2010, Pilgrim, in collaboration with students from Makerere University expanded the MFP program by installing two new MFPs in Tubur and Anyara, two communities that are a part of Pilgrim’s co-op network. Each site was equipped with a miller attachment, and the Tubur site was also equipped with an oil press and a Permanent Magnetic Generator, although they were not attached to the engine.

The Anyara site is located near a cluster of approximately five housing structures about 100 feet away. The nearest competing mill is approximately 2 miles away, near the Anyara district center. There is no electricity at the sites in Tubur and Anyara,


The community members in Anyara also expressed disappointment with the maintenance and performance of the MFP. In past cases, when Julius and mechanics came to fix the MFP it would break once again after they left. Although the mill is small, it consumes a large amount of fuel.The community members also once changed the pulley to a larger one like those at Orungo did,but the flour got stuck in the mill and did not perform well. The MFP here had an alternator attachment but it produced sparks. Traders come to buy cassava from the co-op, but without the mill the community members have had to sell raw products. They are also having trouble finding a market for processed sunflower -- they do not have an issue in growing the variety of crops but rather with marketing them.

Although training sessions were carried out with the initial MFP installations in Orungo and Usuk, proper training was incomplete in Anyara & Tubur and some of the members trained have left their responsibilities without proper knowledge transfer. Thus, Over the summer 2012 trip Pilgrim carried out training sessions in all of the sites with Paulo, an engine operator from Soroti who was involved with the project from its beginning stages, including operation & maintenance of the engine as well other attachments like the miller and oil press. 

Equipment InfoEdit

    • No markings seen
    • No. 2071v
  • MILL
    • PRM 3750
    • No. 1027
    • CHINA
    • SPH-280
    • 1500-2400 r/m/n
    • 50-70  v
    • No.BH/Q 1510-2007
    • Model 100307
    • 1000 r/m/n
    • 400   V
    • 4.5  A
    • 2.5  KW
    • 50 HZ
    • No markings seen
    • Locally fabricated