EWB-CU Uganda develops technological solutions to address needs in Pilgrim’s community and provide technical advice and support for Pilgrim’s mission objectives and models. We have built a rain-water harvesting system for a Pilgrim-sponsored municipal school, and have installed MFPs in co-op agricultural communities to help these communities generate revenue in as self-sufficient a way as possible.

A very important mentality with which all EWB groups approach their work is that we work with our NGO and with our community. The point is not to “gift” or “donate aid,” but rather to work with community members to find efficient solutions to basic needs like sanitation, education and infrastructure. We want to develop relationships to further our project and improve its quality.

The Uganda Program Board for the 2013 calendar year is:

  • Program Manager - Halvard Lange
  • Program Liaison - Allison Duh
  • Water Tech Lead / Program Treasurer - Liza Faber
  • Secretary - Gabriella LoConte
  • PR and Funding - Alyce Ge
  • Community Development Chair - Ritish Patnaik

Our Faculty Advisor is Professor Vijay Modi. We have three professional mentors: Dr. Steve Forbes, Stephanie Servetz and Joey Zambito.